Matchstick started with an idea — be the consulting company we wished for but couldn't find during our corporate careers.

So we left corporate, intent on doing things differently. We delivered results that turned heads with a craftsperson's care, a personal touch, and corporate polish.

Word of mouth built a company, focused on market-leading work on chronic disease and treatment.

Thirteen years later, small size, creativity, deep knowledge, and intense ownership are still in our secret sauce. We eagerly take on challenges that defy easy elevator speeches and cookie cutter approaches.

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We help clients understand what users need and want, ensure they’re developing the right devices, and navigate internal challenges to device development so better devices get to market.

What we do

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We kept the great aspects of corporate culture and left the not-so-great ones behind. We’re building a company with a unique culture that is personal, nimble and creative – without sacrificing top-notch quality and polish that medical technology clients expect. 

How we do it

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Good Matches get the opportunity to help patients and caregivers every day. We get to do fun, interesting work with smart and talented people. We invest in our team and they invest in us. This isn’t a 9-to-5 job, it’s our life’s work. 

Are you a match?

Clients say...

"You ask them what they do - and they laugh and say they quite can't describe it. I can't either, but it's magic to watch them work."


"When I met you, I said, I don't know what we're going to do, but we have to work with these guys."

"The Matchsticks are mercenaries for value creation. They will take on projects that scare big firms."


"Other firms are off the rack. Matchstick is a custom tailored suit. It's made for me and makes me look great."

"They are not the cheapest option, but in terms of return, they are the best place I could spend an extra dollar."


"We all appreciate your 5-star delivery and execution, all the while doing so with genuine warmth."


"The Speed of Matchstick is a real thing. You'll sit in meetings and watch them riff off each other, creating on the fly, and think to yourself, 'I'm not sure what just happened, but it was incredible.' They know the industry so deeply...you listen to their ideas, and say, yeah, that will work.


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100 years ago, two brothers built our space in the center of a thriving industrial town when brick and mortar was an architectural style, not jargon.

Now we occupy this unique place as we focus on our own modern-day craft. We'd love you to come visit!

Address 715 Main St, 2nd Floor

Phone  973-753-0383

Email  hello@matchstickllc.com