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Matchstick workshops apply proven creative thinking techniques to help you solve an immediate need

We’ll come in, all day or part of one, and facilitate a workshop to help you solve a specific problem. You leave with a clear plan of action and lots of new potential solutions.

Accelerate Product


Your innovation brings new value to your customers and their patients. Yet every new introduction requires some level of change for your customer, and change slows the adoption process. This Matchstick workshop helps you anticipate barriers to adoption and minimize their impact on your success. This applies whether you're getting ready to launch a new device or looking to improve sales of an existing product.

How It Works, What You Get

First, we'll help you pinpoint exactly where your innovation will find challenges in user adoption - and why – using time tested consumer behavioral frameworks. Then, using the same techniques we teach in our creativity classes, we'll help generate ideas to reduce friction and accelerate adoption. You leave the workshop with a set of strategies to help speed uptake.

Focus for Impact


So many opportunities, so little time! How do you know you are spending your precious resources wisely? You need to focus your efforts for impact. The Matchstick Focus for Impact workshop gets you moving in the right direction. When your path forward is clear, you can keep your eye on your business growth.

How It Works, What You Get

We'll help you set clear business direction, whether you have a written business plan or not. In the workshop, we'll define your target customers to channel your energy, and create resonant messaging. We use proven framework to create your marketing roadmap. This approach ensures that you are covering all the bases necessary for growth. After the workshop, we'll deliver your Roadmap, complete with focused growth agenda.

Name a Product
or Service


The right name helps get your product or service cut through the clutter. While small med tech firms rarely have the budgets for big consumer naming companies, you can still set your product or service apart creatively. This fun Mathcstick workshop helps you uncover more, creative ideas to choose from. Try this workshop when naming a product or service, your company, or a campaign.

How It Works, What You Get

We prepare your team with pre-reading and a structured agenda. During the meeting, we use proven creative thinking techniques to generate lots of raw ideas. We explore and refine the ideas you like, to generate even more options. We digest the information, and meet with you a few days later to finalize your choices. You end up with a list of names ready for market research or trademark clearances.

Outmatch Competitors


Do you worry that you lose out on high-value business to the larger companies? You can effectively compete alongside large companies for premium customers. It's all a matter of how you present yourself. This Matchstick workshop is our version of War Games. It will help you look at the competitors from your customer's standpoint. It really gets you to think differently about how you go to market.

How It Works, What You Get

We prepare your team in advance with insights to the differences between your company and your competitor's. We use creative thinking techniques to step into your competitor's and your customer's shoes. Your focus becomes sharper, and more sensitive to promoting differences that matter most. These insights lead to new, better value propositions and strategies. You leave with a ready-to-implement plan to make your business shine.

Focus: Graphic Recording

We use Graphic Recording in our workshops as a creative way to enhance engagement and improve retention. This process is helpful with:

  • Meetings where you want to make a big impression
  • Diverse groups and cross-functional teams
  • Complicated issues with many factors to consider
  • Global teams low in native English proficiency
  • Remote meetings (web, phone, video)

We partner with ImageThink™ to create a visual record of the meeting in real-time. Their process of organizing dialogue into instant graphics is amazing to watch, and keeps participants interested and engaged in the conversation.

Why Marty & Erika are QualifiedWhy Trust Matchstick?

Erika and Marty are experienced Med Tech marketers. We have been successful working with global market leaders and small firms looking to change the world.

Engage us for Consulting Services because:

  • We've launched many med tech products and learned from what we experienced with adoption rates
  • We've created brand names for med tech firms of all sizes
  • We've helped small business create growth plans with focus
  • We used these competitive positioning techniques to maintain premium pricing in an increasingly commoditized market through laser-sharp marketing and messaging