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Consulting Services

Matchstick offers customized consulting services to help your business grow and flourish.

When you engage Matchstick for Consulting Services, you get a tailor-fit solution. We package our years of success as Med Tech marketers and offer them to you in a portfolio of opportunities. We bring a practical, hands-on approach to our consulting – no fancy, proprietary frameworks.

Develop a Brand


Matchstick creates branding that sings. We work with you to develop or refresh your brand so that every aspect of your image inspires confidence and sets your business apart. Branding elements work together to reinforce your key messages with your target customers. You look professional and polished. Your customers understand why your business is the best choice.

How It Works, What You Get

We can deliver a full branding package, or enhance what you already have. Options we offer include: creating your company name, creating your company image/logo, identifying and articulating your unique value, developing impactful marketing materials, and clarifying your personal brand. We can help launch a new business, refresh and existing business, or enhance your current branding with more definition.

Present Your Idea
for Sale


Are you preparing to sell your idea to a larger company? Does your sales presentation say that you're Big Time or Small Potatoes? Matchstick creates polished presentations that appeal to big companies. In our corporate careers, we sat on the receiving side of presentations by inventors and small companies. We saw the common pitfalls and help you can overcome them to move to the next step with your targets.

How It Works, What You Get

We work with you to establish an integrated story that corporate customers can connect with. We create disturbance around doing nothing, and excite customers with the possibilities your solution offers. We include relevant information for your audience to make them more open to your message. Then we craft your professional, polished presentation that inspires confidence in your product and signals that you're serious.

Develop a Marketing Roadmap


So many opportunities, so little time! How do you know you are spending your precious resources wisely? You need a roadmap to plot the straightest route to success. Let Matchstick create your Marketing Roadmap to help you focus your energy on activities that will deliver the highest return. When your path forward is clear, you can keep your eye on your business growth.

How It Works, What You Get

Matchstick will work with you to clarify your business goals to focus your efforts. We'll help you target the right customers, as this drives everything from your value propositions to the media you choose to communicate through. Then, we establish your unique value propositions, so that customers understand why they should buy from you instead of competitors. Finally, we develop specific marketing activities for the year, ready to execute.

Stand Out From


Why should customers choose your business over your competitors? How well do your messages resonate? Matchstick creates professional marketing that gets your business noticed. Our big company experience helps our small business clients wow their customers. We help present your business with professional polish that inspires confidence with your prospective customers. You stand out from your competitors.

How It Works, What You Get

We start by assessing your competitors to find your differences your towering strengths. Then, we find your unique market position. Finally Matchstick captures what makes you unique with messages that really get to the heart of what matters to your customers. We deliver these messages in a format you can use everywhere you communicate – in email, advertising, capabilities presentations, sales training, and collateral materials.

Stay Top of Mind


Are you sure potential customers will think of you the next time they need your service? How can you ensure that you are top-of-mind when they need you? Matchstick will create a plan that keeps your business front-and-center. The key is creating content that your clients care about, and engaging them routinely with interesting material. Let Matchstick create a plan for you to build relationships with and delight your customers.

How It Works, What You Get

First, we get to understand your business objectives, customer base, and how you are engaging them today. We'll facilitate a workshop, using proven creative thinking techniques, to generate new ways to connect with your customers. From there, we'll design a plan to keep your business top-of-mind with your target customers. It could include email marketing, blogging, LinkedIn, publishing and speaking to raise your profile in a positive way.

"We have great credentials, and never anticipated the impact that professional branding would have. Matchstick conducted a full branding makeover for our company, starting with creating our name, Fulcrum. The response has been incredible. Our story helps us stand out from the crowd, and sets up our business to win. Matchstick was worth every penny."

- Rich Caizza,
Principal, Fulcrum

Why Marty & Erika are QualifiedWhy Trust Matchstick?

Erika and Marty are experienced Med Tech marketers. We have been successful working with global market leaders and small firms looking to change the world.

Engage us for Consulting Services because:

  • We've created successful brands for large and small firms
  • Our presentations have provided customer entrée for top global brands and start-ups
  • We're recognized leaders in marketing planning
  • Creating compelling value propositions is our power alley