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Small Medical Technology & Inventors

Matchstick ignites small business growth.

Up-and-coming medical technology firms are turning to Matchstick to help ignite their business growth. They're inspiring confidence in their prospective customers by leveraging Matchstick's marketing and training expertise to:

  • Create branding with professional polish
  • Develop a marketing roadmap for growth
  • Build skills in areas critical for success
  • Present their ideas for sale with impact

Now, more than ever, your small business needs to stand out from your competitors.

How Can Matchstick Help You?

When you engage Matchstick for consulting services, you get a tailor-fit solution to help solve your most pressing challenges. Our approach is practical and hands-on – no fancy theories or frameworks.

We help our small business clients grow by:

Matchstick workshops apply proven creative thinking techniques to help you solve an immediate need. They are fun, productive and engaging. At the conclusion, we leave you with a clear plan of action and lots of new potential solutions.

Our clients think our workshops are great for:

Our skills building programs for small business offer practical, hands on, how-to tools. We avoid theory and concept, and offer you skills you use right away.

Small businesses count on our training tools to help them: