We help bring better medical devices to market and find new ways for devices to add value.

Here’s how we help clients.

Every engagement is different, but we tend to help in these five key areas.

Understand users.

We help our clients understand who the user is in detail, what they want and need, how they interact with devices, and how it all affects device development. We look at users through a lens sharpened by decades of device experience and see what other researchers miss.

Inject creativity.

We have a reputation for cracking the toughest problems – we’re inventors ourselves with 50 patents and over 40 patents pending. We inspire teams to look beyond the obvious and invent creative solutions that are realistic in a regulated environment.

Get to market.

Sometimes, the biggest obstacles to getting a device to market are internal. We know, having led development teams ourselves. To inspire confidence in decisions to move forward, you need rigorous data, presented effectively. We can help.

Enhance and extend value.

Markets don’t stand still. We understand that devices have an impact on the competitive landscape. We help companies think about devices as seriously as they think about the drugs the devices deliver and identify enhancements that improve a device’s value.

Empower patients & caregivers.

Patients and caregivers must use devices safely and as intended to achieve maximum therapeutic value. We help clients look at improving all the touch points that surround devices including packaging, instructions and training materials, adherence enhancements and starter kits.

Our approach is as unique as the clients we work with.  Here are the reasons our clients tell us they keep working with Matchstick.

Intentionally diverse perspective.

We are a cohesive team with backgrounds and real-life experience in engineering, marketing and user research.  We understand the device development landscape and how to deliver successful devices.

Actionable insights.

We don’t stop until we get to the “so what.”  We transform complex data and voluminous research into meaningful insights that help our clients make sound product development and business decisions. We deliver ready-to-use results that are crisp, complete and polished.

Approaches crafted just for you.

Our clients deserve a custom-tailored suit that fits just right.  When it comes to devices, off-the-rack solutions rarely fit. We take the time to understand what makes your problem unique and design a strategy just for you.  We do not mass-produce.  We take pride in our professional craftsmanship.

Rigorous research and analytics.

We dig deep, understand the detail and make the connections between existing data and new results.  With our extensive research experience, we’re not wedded to any specific methodology and tailor the right approach to deliver the answers you need.

Passion, accountability, and excellence.

We treat your project and business like it’s our own.  We bring a level of passion, focus and creative energy to your project that you won’t see from other firms.  With our highest standards of excellence and deep personal ownership, clients say they feel like we’re part of their company.

Your best interests, front and center.

We have a stake in your professional success. We mentor, advise and empower our clients because we genuinely want you to succeed.  Our client relationships are built on trust.