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Consulting Services

Matchstick offers customized consulting services to help your business grow and flourish.

When you engage Matchstick for Consulting Services, you get a tailor-fit solution. We package our years of success as Med Tech marketers in leading life sciences companies and offer them to you in a portfolio of opportunities.

Build Better Value Propositions


Matchstick captures the essence of why your customers should buy from you instead of your competition. We’ll craft your value propositions so that they create preference, not parity.

How It Works, What You Get

We spend time with you, online and with customers, getting to understand your offering and the competitive landscape. We then create the core value propositions and supporting messages that get to the heart of what matters to your customers. We deliver these in a format that you can feed into every vehicle you use to communicate with your target audience.

Craft Polished Sales Presentations


Is your sales presentation attention-grabbing or a yawn? Healthcare providers are busy. They're hit with change every day, from every side. Matchstick creates presentations to captivate your audience and motivate them to buy.

How It Works, What You Get

We help you present your product or service with a powerful story and highly polished slides that reflect the value that you bring to your customers. Then we cast the story in a way to motivate customers to act, using the proven method of disturb-excite-assure. You get a hand-crafted presentation (reflecting your corporate identity) designed to sell.

Develop a Marketing Plan


Is your marketing plan a roadmap to success or a dust collector? A good plan helps make the case for incremental investment. It helps the organization understand your tactics and provides leaders with confidence you're headed in the right direction to achieve expected business results. Matchstick helps create your marketing plan built for action. We have years of experience and are recognized leaders in marketing planning.

How It Works, What You Get

How we help you depends on what you already have and want to accomplish. We typically engage in one of three ways: 1) Refine your existing plan; 2) Facilitate the planning process to move your team forward; 3) Take the lead – fire and forget. In each case we deliver a succinct, compelling presentation to help you communicate your plan to others in your organization.

Develop Engaging Sales Training


Does your sales training leave your reps energized or confused? Sales training crammed with information often results in overwhelm, leaving reps to figure it out on their own once back in their territories. Matchstick creates sales training sessions they'll remember. They result in reps that will embrace your product and know how to execute your strategies in the field.

How It Works, What You Get

We'll work with you to define the behaviors you want to see in the field, and craft your behavioral objectives. Then, we develop a training concept built just for you. We've created workshops that include clinical rotations, hands-on product comparisons and immersive clinical environments. Engage us to launch a new product, target a new customer segment, liven up a meeting or capture more of your reps mindshare for your product line.

Extend Your Marketing Team


You need to do more with less. Your capable marketing team is stretched thin. Increase your team's bandwidth with Matchstick. We add focus and senior marketing capability, without the distraction of meetings and other low value activities. We can jump in and develop a campaign, complete a project or manage a marketing research project.

How It Works, What You Get

Call us when you have someone on extended leave, can't fill open positions, or have a short-term, specialty project to complete. We'll work with you to scope the deliverables and timeframe of the engagement. Clients like that we're temporary. As organizations refrain from adding permanent headcount, Matchstick provides senior marketing skill and experience without the FTE baggage.

Harness Voice of the Customer


Are you applying Voice of the Customer as effectively as you could? We've seen medical marketers face four issues with regards to VOC: 1) What's the "so what" of this research report? 2) Do existing reports harbor new insights? 3) Do we need new studies to fill knowledge gaps? 4) Do we have the resources to invest in on-going research needs? Engage Matchstick experience to obtain, mine and interpret customer insights.

How It Works, What You Get

To address the four key issues, we can: 1) Analyze your raw research data and provide digested insights and competitive strategies; 2) Mine older market research data to uncover hidden information to help your current positioning; 3) Run a workshop with your team to set your marketing research agenda, and create the story to sell the investment to your organization; 4) Manage a VOC project, soup to nuts.

Marty’s marketing plan was voted best-practice across the company, hands down!

Marty was able to come in and look at existing markets in new ways.  He framed thoughtful analysis, communicated clearly and succinctly, made the case for over two million dollars in incremental investment, and raised the organization’s confidence in his recommendations.

- Ryan Tuttle
Director of Marketing, Fortune 500 Company

Why Marty & Erika are QualifiedWhy Trust Matchstick?

Erika and Marty are experienced Med Tech marketers. We have been successful working with global market leaders and small firms looking to change the world.

Engage us for Consulting Services because:

  • We’ve successfully differentiated some apparently undifferentiated products
  • Our marketing plans have been recognized as best practice by a major global manufacturer
  • Our sales presentations have provided customer entrée for top global brands and start-ups
  • We’ve created notable experiential sales training on a med tech budget
  • We’ve translated VOC into marketing success