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Matchstick workshops apply proven creative thinking techniques to help you solve an immediate need

We’ll come in, all day or part of one, and facilitate a workshop to help you solve a specific problem. You leave with a clear plan of action and lots of new potential solutions.

Launch an Initiative


Help your client make a big splash when they are launching a big corporate initiative. All eyes are on them. This Matchstick workshop is designed to get the initiative off on the right start. A well-executed kick-off meeting can get the project rolling, with everyone marching in the same direction. Your creative team gets to participate, and internalize the goals first-hand. This provides you with insight as to where your services can help.

How It Works, What You Get

Participants arrive ready-to-work due to our easily digestible pre-read. We facilitate the meeting to create shared purpose, ownership and excitement. We include joint goal setting and small group activity planning. A highlight involves naming the initiative. This gives the team an identity, and a rally point for the organization. Finally, we provide the elevator speech and presentation designed to communicate and spread excitement internally.

Name a Product or Service


The right name helps a product or service cut through the clutter. While med tech marketers rarely have the budgets for big consumer naming companies, they can still set your product or service apart creatively. Engage us to run this fun Mathcstick workshop with your client. We help you uncover more creative ideas to choose from. Try this workshop when naming a product or service, a program, or a major initiative.

How It Works, What You Get

We prepare you with pre-reading and a structured agenda. During the meeting, we use proven creative thinking techniques to generate lots of raw ideas. We explore and refine the ideas you like, to generate even more options. We digest the information, and meet with you a few days later to finalize your choices. You end up with a presentation to share with your client, and a list of names ready for market research or trademark clearance.

Outmatch Competitors


Help your clients to take a walk in the competitor's shoes. Invite Matchstick to Outmatch Competitors, and strengthen their strategies. This is our version of War Games. Our workshop uses proven creative thinking techniques to get the new ideas flowing. Your team gets the resulting "aha" from delving into the competitor's mindset. This produces sharper messages and more sensitivity to the differences that matter to your customers.

How It Works, What You Get

We ensure participants arrive prepared. We analyze and assess competitive positioning. Then we play a game of strategy, focusing on some key accounts. Participants play competitors to reveal strengths, weakness and opportunities. This insight leads to new, better value propositions and strategies. Your client leaves with a ready-to-implement plan. They also get a high-impact presentation for their internal stakeholders.

Develop a Creative Hit List


Want to get more involved in developing your client's promotional strategy? Invite Matchstick to run Develop a Creative Hit List with your client and your team to engage in the process. This workshop incorporates proven creative thinking techniques to get the new ideas flowing. Then we strengthen, evaluate and prioritize them based on impact. Your team develops the insights for how you can help your client achieve their goals.

How It Works, What You Get

We prepare participants in advance with our easily digestible pre-read. We develop a clear picture of the target customer to guide the promotional strategy. Then, we use proven creative thinking tools to generate lots of really new ideas. We use techniques to group, strengthen and prioritize them based on their potential impact. You get a promotional plan that's ready to implement. You'll all feel refreshed, prepared to go to market with new vigor.

Focus: Graphic Recording

We use Graphic Recording in our workshops as a creative way to enhance engagement and improve retention. This process is helpful with:

  • Meetings where you want to make a big impression
  • Diverse groups and cross-functional teams
  • Complicated issues with many factors to consider
  • Global teams low in native English proficiency
  • Remote meetings (web, phone, video)

We partner with ImageThink™ to create a visual record of the meeting in real-time. Their process of organizing dialogue into instant graphics is amazing to watch, and keeps participants interested and engaged in the conversation.

Why Marty & Erika are QualifiedWhy Trust Matchstick?

Erika and Marty are experienced Med Tech marketers. We have been successful working with global market leaders and small firms looking to change the world.

Engage us for Consulting Services because:

  • We've launched and led major initiatives for major med tech firms
  • We've created brand names for med tech firms of all sizes
  • We used these competitive positioning techniques to maintain premium pricing in an increasingly commoditized market through laser-sharp marketing and messaging
  • We've used creative thinking tools to create many successful promotional plans