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Consulting Services

Matchstick offers customized consulting services to help your business grow and flourish.

When you engage Matchstick for Consulting Services, you get a tailor-fit solution. We package our years of success as Med Tech marketers in leading life sciences companies and offer them to you in a portfolio of opportunities.

Build Better Value Propositions


It's difficult to develop great creative if your clients hand you weak value propositions to work with. Matchstick can develop value propositions that create preference, not parity. Writing distinguished med tech value props is what we do best. Great value propositions delight customers and create enormous value for clients. We can generate the fuel to help you develop campaigns and collateral that make your clients rave.

How It Works, What You Get

We spend time with you, online and with customers, getting to understand your offering and the competitive landscape. We then create the core value propositions and supporting messages that get to the heart of what matters to your client's customers. We deliver messages in a format you can use everywhere to build marketing communications – in email, advertising, capabilities presentations, sales training, and collateral materials.

Craft Polished Sales Presentations


During our corporate marketing careers, we saw many undistinguished agency pitch presentations. Matchstick creates presentations that set your agency apart. We help present your capabilities with a powerful story and highly polished slides that reflect the value that you bring to your clients. We provide the vehicle to engage your clients in a meaningful discussion, and win the business.

How It Works, What You Get

We begin by working with you to understand your agency's personality and capabilities. We compare your messages with your competitors to develop compelling points of differentiation. Then we cast the story in terms proven to motivate clients to act, using the method of disturb-excite-assure. You get a handcrafted presentation that will inspire confidence in your target audience, and set you apart from the other agencies.

Develop a Marketing Roadmap


Looking to add value to you client engagement? Offer to lead the marketing planning process with experienced marketers. By helping create their marketing roadmap, you get first-hand insight to their goals and objectives for the coming year. Matchstick creates marketing plans built for action. We're recognized leaders in marketing planning. Our action-based tools are simple, transparent, and help lay out a plan your clients can execute.

How It Works, What You Get

How we help you depends on what your clients already have and want to accomplish. We typically engage in one of three ways: 1) Refine an existing plan; 2) Facilitate the planning process to move the team forward; and 3) Take the lead – fire and forget. In each case we deliver a succinct, compelling presentation to help your client communicate their plan to others in their organization.

Harness Voice of the Customer


Are you working with your client to generate or understand VOC? Does your agency have the capability and experience to help your client effectively gather and use market input? Matchstick has deep VOC experience. During our corporate marketing careers, we developed, managed and analyzed data from numerous VOC projects. Let Matchstick do the work, and enjoy actionable marketing strategies as a result.

How It Works, What You Get

We can help you with VOC in the following ways. We can: 1) structure your market research plan; 2) set your research agenda; 3) mine existing marketing research reports for new insights; 4) manage a VOC project, soup to nuts. We're expert at extracting the hidden insights and translating them into messages that you can run with. We've successfully managed many marketing research projects and can do the same for you.

Stay Top of Mind


Who will your customers think of the next time they need Creative Services? How can you ensure that you are top-of-mind when they need you? Matchstick will create a plan that keeps your business front-and-center. The key is creating content that your clients care about, and engaging them routinely with interesting material. Let Matchstick create a plan for you to build relationships with and delight your customers.

How It Works, What You Get

First, we get to understand your business objectives, customer base, and how you are engaging them today. We'll facilitate a workshop, using proven creative thinking techniques, to generate new ways to connect with your customers. From there, we'll design a plan to keep your business top-of-mind with your target customers. It could include email marketing, blogging, LinkedIn, publishing and speaking to raise your profile in a positive way.

Our presentation “wowed” them!

“For a recent client pitch, we knew we were the best choice for the job, but the presentation we’d been using didn’t adequately capture why. Erika has been on the receiving end of many of these presentations, and knew what to emphasize. She helped draw out our real value and points of distinction. Then, she delivered them through a presentation that truly resonated with the marketers. She helped us succeed.” 

- Carmel Cerullo-Beiter,
Vice President/Partner, J Fitzgerald Group

Why Marty & Erika are QualifiedWhy Trust Matchstick?

Erika and Marty are experienced Med Tech marketers. We have been successful working with global market leaders and small firms looking to change the world.

Engage us for Consulting Services because:

  • We've successfully differentiated some apparently undifferentiated products
  • Our marketing plans have been recognized as best practice by a major global manufacturer
  • Our sales presentations have provided customer entrée for agencies and global brands
  • We've translated VOC into marketing success