Our Company

Who we are.

We’re device people.  We believe that making medical devices more intuitive and accessible will improve the experience and provide confidence, empowering patients and caregivers to treat disease.

What we do.

Matchstick helps pharmaceutical and medical technology companies develop, perfect and launch medical devices that people want to use.

Why we do it.

We get the chance to work with patients and caregivers firsthand. Seeing them empowered to give themselves or others better care drives our passion and our work.

Our Team

Marty Coyne

Marty Coyne


Inventor. Enthusiast. Craftsman.

Marty is part engineer, part marketer, part business leader. His work in device development spans the clinical, manufacturing and marketing sides of both implantable (Stryker) and disposable (BD) medical devices. He understands device use in hospital, pharmacy, outpatient, and home settings.

Marty frames complex issues vividly and clearly so that teams can quickly find solutions and move forward with confidence. Experienced in developing, launching and positioning marketleading devices and drug-device combinations, Marty operates seamlessly across teams of technical and marketing experts. A variety of stakeholders routinely seek his expertise around safe injections and preventing medication errors.

He brings extraordinary creativity and problem solving skills to client projects, and delivers results with a craftsman’s care and thoughtfulness.

Marty holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MBA from Columbia University. He is named inventor on 10 patents.

Erika Bajars

Erika Bajars


Creative. Communicator. Developer.

Erika’s genuine interest in why people do what they do builds the rapport that helps her get to the heart of what’s most important. She excels in facilitating creative-thinking sessions and designing inventive user research approaches. Her gift for finding just the right words helps her to communicate findings with precision, meaning and clarity.

Erika’s experience includes leading the commercialization of medical devices from concept through life cycle management.

Believing that everyone is creative, Erika teaches techniques that help people unlock new ideas hidden in plain sight. She has a track record for helping young professionals become top performers.

She brings energy, enthusiasm and passion to client projects, and delivers insightful, unexpected results that inspire confidence and action.

Erika holds a BA in Communications from Montclair State University and an MBA from Rutgers University. She is a named inventor on a U.S. patent.

Chris Franzese
Clinical Analyst

Chris Franzese

Clinical Analyst

Learner. Scientist. Clinician.

Chris understands the science behind the medicine, and can simply explain why and how it works to heal the body. With experience recruiting, running, and publishing results of device clinical trials, he brings a practioner’s view to Matchstick projects.

While he was a Research Assistant at the Sinai Center for Thrombosis Research, Chris authored 18 peer-reviewed articles, abstracts and poster presentations. His focused research skills, nuanced clinical insights and incisive writing style help to sharpen our ability to make meaningful contributions to device development.

When he isn’t engrossed in learning more about a topic for Matchstick or working toward his degree, Chris is playing guitar and teaching others how to play.

Chris graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Biology from Loyola University of Maryland and is a Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate at the Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Pharmacy.

Leanne Wiltshire
Administrative Assistant

Leanne Wiltshire

Administrative Assistant

Activator. Organizer. Relator.

Leanne helps keep our office running on track. She manages the countless details that underpin our projects and help us provide a magical experience for our clients. Speed, thoroughness, and proactivity are her secret sauce. Everyone in the office appreciates her engaging style.

When Leanne isn’t helping run our office, she is pursuing her passion for tea and the ceremony that surrounds it.

Leanne is working toward her B.A. at William Paterson University.

Our Values

When we started Matchstick in 2009, our values were the first thing that we put to paper. Here’s what we believe in, and how we express these beliefs at work.


We treat our clients’ business like it’s our own.


We enjoy what we do and like working together.


We’re open about our activities and intentions.


Our client relationships are built on trust.


Making commitments is serious business.


We inspire each other to be our personal best.


We deliver insightful, beautiful,and unexpected results.


Good ideas come from diverse expertise and experiences.