Matchstick LLC - medical marketing consulting and training

Matchstick helps Medical Technology and Pharmaceutical clients bring life-changing products and services to market.

We help our clients advance their best ideas and overcome internal obstacles, ensuring that market shaping products and services deliver the impact their innovators set out to achieve. We deeply understand the context in which products and services are used and know how business decisions get made.

We do this by:

  • Treating every client's project as unique, deserving a custom-tailored solution, not a cookie cutter approach

  • Gathering user insights and helping translate them into meaningful "so what's" that bring clarity to product development and business decisions

  • Bringing functional stakeholders together to surface issues, build consensus around strategy and develop action plans the whole team can support

  • Using rigorous research and data to tell compelling stories that motivate and inspire confidence in the team's recommendations
  • Getting to the heart of complex, vexing problems by thoroughly and rapidly exploring issues without bogging down in minutiae

  • Shaping markets by looking at opportunities and challenges with creative thinking tools that get to really new ideas quickly, extract the usable concepts and make good ideas great

  • Applying solutions used to solve similar problems in other fields and assembling them into a new solution for the problem at hand

  • Delivering polished results that are ready-to-use without any additional work required by our clients
Marty Coyne
Marty Coyne

Marty marries his engineering and marketing expertise to help his clients expose new points of differentiation, develop market shaping strategies, and invent new product and service solutions. He brings a fresh perspective to strategy, market analyses, competitive positioning and innovation.

Marty reduces complex problems to a digestible form so that teams can find their way forward. He is a master at using analogies to bring issues to life. His vivid, often humorous comparisons help teams grasp the heart of complicated problems quickly. With experience in engineering and marketing at Stryker Orthopedics and BD, Marty has a unique view of both implantable and disposable medical devices used in institutional and home-based patient care settings. He has experience developing, launching and positioning market leading devices and drug-device combinations. Because of his extensive work in safety and parenteral drug delivery, Marty is frequently engaged by thought leaders regarding emerging efforts to prevent cross contamination due to reuse of patient injection supplies. He is actively involved in the Safe Injection Practices Coalition and has participated in numerous Centers for Disease Control (CDC) expert panels on the subject.

Marty has a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MBA from Columbia University. He is named inventor on 10 patents and numerous unpublished patent applications.

Erika Bajars
Erika Bajars

Erika’s engaging style enables her to bring diverse perspectives together in unanticipated ways. Able to relate to people across functions and cultures, Erika bridges communication gaps, engaging teams to do their best work.

Erika is always asking “So what?” to understand why something is important. This focuses teams on solving the right problem. With groups, she uses creative thinking techniques to explore solutions from every angle and generate new ideas. Clients are often surprised at how much they accomplish when Erika grabs the marker. In front of a flipchart, she inspires people to be their most creative. By urging movement from idea to action, she leaves teams with a clear idea of where to go next. In 20 years of marketing at BD and Merck, Erika conceptualized developed, and launched market-shaping products to improve the safety of both patients and healthcare workers. She also worked to secure passage of ground-breaking state and federal healthcare worker safety legislation through advocacy and market development. Erika continues to advocate and educate around many other public health issues. She is currently working with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Safe Injection Practices Coalition to promote patient safety by preventing the spread of infection.

Erika has a BA in Communications from Montclair State University and an MBA from Rutgers University. She is a named inventor on a US patent.

Tania DaSilva
Tania DaSilva

Tania is motivated to make everything she does excellent and beautiful. She is recognized for the personal ownership and passion that are hallmarks of her work.

Unsatisfied with superficial explanations, Tania twists and turns challenges to examine them from multiple angles. This gives her a deep understanding of obstacles, opportunities, and what successful outcomes look like. She is able to develop effective plans to get from problem statement to solution, and her personal ownership results in these plans being executed with intense dedication to our client’s success.

Whether she’s working with a client, a patient or a health worker to understand their challenges, Tania’s antennae are tuned to how others perceive things. She skillfully places herself in others’ shoes, building trust and rapport. She is able to effectively tailor her approach and build a broad base of support to deliver the insights and results our clients need.

Tania was pivotal in raising awareness around contemporary health care worker safety issues, including unnecessary exposure to blood borne pathogens and hazardous drugs. For years she spearheaded a campaign for seasonal flu vaccination, and was a passionate advocate for improving pediatric vaccination coverage by reducing common barriers to injection.

How We Work

We won't take your money if we don't think we can do an outstanding job.

We generally serve the med tech and the life sciences industries. Will we engage in other areas? Yes, particularly if we think the work will be fun and interesting, but only if we know we can add value.

We're always transparent about what you're getting for the money you spend with us.

Generally, we work on a project basis, not hourly. We'll take the time to understand what you need and define a clear scope for our engagement.

You'll understand what we'll deliver at the conclusion. If you change your focus during the project, that's no problem. We can re-scope it; that happens all the time.  

We're not the least expensive option...

...but we've never had a client tell us they paid too much for what they received. Our clients tell us a dollar spent with us is better than a dollar spent anywhere else. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Our Values

We built the kind of company that we want to do business with. We hope you do, too.

  • We listen to everyone; good ideas come from anywhere.

  • We are transparent in our activities and intentions.

  • We treat our client's business like it's our own.

  • We have fun at work.

  • We seek out and work with good people.

  • We inspire each other to be our personal best.

  • We take personal responsibility for our actions and work.

  • We seek to give something of value back to our community.
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On their own, matchsticks provide a little bit of energy and light – but that tiny amount is enough to start a blaze that burns on its own and illuminates things you couldn't see before. We do the same for our clients.